Saturday, January 28, 2012

final chess lesson

Tues 1/3

Today I taught my last chess class. As usual, Max was there. I played him one game, and then I taught him some basic opening principles by playing a game against Ben, my helper, and pointing out pros and cons of each move. Unfortunately, Max could only stay for about 20 minutes. I gave him my phone number if he ever wanted another chess lesson at some point.

seventh chess lesson

Tues 12/6

Today I went over to aftercare to play chess again. I had a large group of fifth and sixth graders, whom I played blindfolded against several games. I think they were very impressed. I did not teach a lesson today because I thought that there wouldn't be enough concentration for me to teach. We ended playing at the usual time, around 4:45.

sixth chess lesson

Tues 11/29

Today I went over to aftercare to play chess again. Max didn't play, but Sean and Cameron, fourth graders, played against me. I didn't teach a lesson today, but I played several games. We ended at about 4:45.

fifth chess lesson

Tues 11/15

Another chess lesson today. Max and Mika showed up although Mika was only watching. I played a game against Max, during which Mika left. I then finished up by teaching Max rook and king vs king checkmate.

fourth chess lesson

Tues 11/8

Today I went over to after care to teach chess. Max was there and Mika soon showed up also. Some other people also came to watch. I played against Max and Mika, and then we had did a lesson. I taught Max queen and king vs king mate. Then Max had to leave, so I
ended the lesson.